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Bank Holidays 2023

Holidays are special events that we all look forward to here in the UK. They provide the perfect opportunity to take some time off work, relax, and spend some quality time with friends and family.

The number of bank holidays is pretty much the same each year. However, depending on your jurisdiction, you may also be entitled to some special extra holidays on top of the national public bank holidays. Here is a breakdown of the upcoming holidays in the UK in 2023.

UK Regional and National Bank Holidays

Types of Holidays in the UK

Living in the UK allows you to have a few days off from work to celebrate some historic events throughout the year. There are usually eight public holidays in the UK. However, 2023 is an exception. This year has a total of 9 public holidays due to the coronation of King Charles III. Here’s what you can expect regarding bank holidays in 2023 in the UK:

Date Day of the Week Celebration
1st January Sunday New Year’s
2nd January Monday New Year’s Substitute Day
7th April Friday Good Friday
10th April Monday Easter Monday
1st May Monday Early May Bank Holiday
8th May Monday Coronation of King Charles III
29th May Monday Spring Bank Holiday
29th August Monday Summer Bank Holiday
25th December Monday Christmas Day
26th December Tuesday Boxing Day

Besides, like we mentioned before, there are some holidays which are only celebrated in certain regions or countries in the UK. For example, St Patrick’s Day on 17th March is a public holiday in Ireland only. You can check which other holidays are celebrated locally in Ireland and Scotland in the official government websites.

What about 'Bridge Holidays'?

The UK doesn’t have bridge holidays, but these are pretty common in other countries around the globe. The term refers to a holiday which is added on a Thursday, for example, when the actual holiday falls on a Friday. Sometimes it is added on a Monday if the holidays land on a Tuesday. The idea behind it is to provide a 'bridge' leading to the upcoming weekend or holiday which extends the amount of time off we all get by one extra day. This is done to promote tourism and travelling.

There are other ways the government ensures no holiday goes unutilized. If a holiday lands on a weekend, the next Monday becomes a substitute day for the holiday. If a holiday falls on a weekend and there’s another one on the first day of the week, the holiday on the weekend will be moved to the next available free day. Therefore, in such instances, people do not go to work or may require compensation for their holiday if their employer insists they make an appearance at work.

To Round Off

Holidays in the UK are special occasions and are esteemed throughout the land. They enable citizens to take some time off work to relax, travel, and enjoy spending time with their loved ones. In most cities in the UK, people will enjoy at least eight public bank holidays throughout the year. In 2023 there will be an extra bank holiday due to the coronation of King Charles III. However, some people in the UK may enjoy extra local holidays too depending on the region or country they live in. We hope that now you know these dates you can start planning your holidays ahead for this 2023.