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This is a comprehensive guide on how to apply for a local and an international driving license. Find out about the best car insurance, and get answers to all your questions regarding driving in the UK here.

How To Apply for a UK Driving Licence

Do you want to drive in the UK? You'll need to pass several tests. Learn all about them here.

How To Get an International Driving Permit in the UK

Are you planning to drive while you are on holiday abroad? You may need to apply for an International Driving Licence (IDL). Learn what it is, who needs one, and how to obtain yours in the UK.

How To Buy a Car in the UK

Insurance, tax, mileage, and car registry are vital to check before, during, and after your car purchase. Here’s how you do it.

How To Obtain a Disabled Parking Permit in the UK

A Disabled Parking Permit or Blue Badge is a clearance sticker that gives you access to parking spots when you have a mental or physical disability.

How To Import a Car in the UK

HM Revenue and Customs and DVLA are essential government entities to contact when importing your car to the UK.

How To Convert Your Driving Licence in the UK

If you are an EU member or come from one of the accepted countries, you can convert your driver’s licence to be allowed to drive in the UK.

What Is Vehicle Approval and When Do You Need It

Vehicle approval is required for building or significantly modifying a vehicle. The process ensures all the vehicles used in the UK are safe for all road users.

Car Insurance: What Is and What You Should Know Before You Choose One

Car insurance is essential to drive a car in the UK. Find out what you should consider before you choose one.