City, town and village /GENERAL REGISTER OFFICE

In the general registry office, you can apply to obtain birth, marriage, divorce, or death certificates. In this section, we'll explain all the necessary steps you need to follow to get these documents in person or online quickly and easily.

How to Register a Birth and Get a Birth Certificate in the UK

Do you need to register your baby's birth in the UK? Let us help. Learn what a birth certificate is and how to obtain yours today here.

How to Register a Death and Get a Copy of a Death Certificate in the UK

A death certificate may be asked to complete many administrative procedures in the UK. Learn how to register a death and get a copy of this useful document.

How to Get Married and Obtain a Copy of a Marriage Certificate in the UK

Are you getting married in the UK? Find out all the steps you'll need to follow to get married and obtain a copy of your marriage certificate.

Understanding the Divorce Process in England and Wales

Looking to start afresh? Learn on what grounds a divorce can be obtained in England and Wales. You can get the process started today.

Getting a Certified Copy of your Decree Absolute in the UK

After you get divorced, you’ll need to prove your new status to update your paperwork. Learn how to request a certified copy of your divorce decree or decree absolute in the UK here.

How to Obtain a Certificate of No Impediment (CNI) in the UK

A comprehensive guide on how to get a certificate of no impediment if you are in the United Kingdom.