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In this section, you will find a complete guide to obtaining all the documents and certificates you need for your everyday life, both in person and online. Find out how to apostille documents, validate studies or apply for a police certificate in the UK here.

Criminal Record Certificate: How To Prove You Have a Clean Record

When you’re moving to another country, you may have to submit a police certificate from every country you’ve lived in. Learn how to request your British one here.

Cleaning You Criminal Record: How To Delete a Historic Conviction

A criminal record can be a stumbling block to applying for university, travelling, and even getting a job. Find out how to clear a criminal record in the UK.

How To Apostille a Document in the UK

Where and how can you get your documents authenticated? Find out how legalization works to ensure your documents always work wherever they’re required.

Drafting a Will: What You Should Know

Wills become an important consideration as people become older. Read more about the will making process here.

How Can I Get Married Abroad?

Getting married abroad requires couples to complete particular requirements. Find out about legal, financial, and time regulations you must fulfill to marry abroad.

Voting in the UK: How to Register and Vote In and Outside the UK

Citizens in the UK must register as voters. Let’s explore the importance of voting, the available types of elections, options available to vote, and the voting process in and outside the UK.

How To Apply for a Mortgage in the UK

Mortgages help buyers settle a real-estate deal instantly as they pay for the loan. Here are fool-proof steps to take when applying for this type of loan in the UK.

How To Open a Bank Account in the UK

If you want to start work in the UK, you'll need a bank account. Here’s how to set up yours.

How To Get a Bank Account Statement

Bank statements serve specific official and personal purposes. If you’d like to get a hold of your most recent bank information, take the following steps.

The Step-by-Step Process of Adopting a Child in the UK

Adopting a child in the UK requires the adopter to have a clean criminal record, excellent health, and other requirements. Find out more about child adoption here.

Moving Overseas: 7 Things You Must Deal with

More than half a million people move overseas from the UK yearly. If you are moving abroad, this guide is for you.

How To Inform a Change of Address in the UK

When you move home in the UK, it’s important to inform the government about your new address. Find out how to go about it here.

How To Save Money with Solar Panels

Solar panels are a great way to save money on electric bills. There is also a feature called the SEG, where electricity is sold back to the electric companies.

How To Apply for a Fishing Licence in the UK

You will need a license if you want to go fishing in most parts of the UK. This article tells you where a licence is required and how to obtain one.

NHS COVID Pass: How to Obtain it

The COVID Pass allows you to share your coronavirus status when travelling abroad or entering venues that use this service. Learn how to get yours here.