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Social assistance includes all those benefits to which the citizens and residents of a country are entitled to help solve their situation, mostly economic, and thus achieve an end to social inequalities. Find out what types of aid exist in the country, which of them you may be entitled to and how to apply for them.

How Do Social Benefits Work in the UK?

Whether you want support for your child’s upkeep, childcare, student loans, or refugee assistance, here are options the UK government offers to ease your life.

Universal Credit: What It is and How To Get It

Are you struggling to find a job and make ends meet? Find out how to get Universal Credit in the UK. Learn about eligibility, requirements, allowance, and other important details here.

How To Claim Housing Benefits

Persons with minimum wages or no income can claim housing benefits in the UK. Find out the eligibility criteria and requirements needed for this application.

Financial Help for Disabled People: Learn How To Access These Benefits

Are you disabled and living in the UK? You could get some financial help. Find out who qualifies, what you’re entitled to, and how to apply.

How To File for Bereavement Support in the UK

If you have recently lost your spouse or partner, read up on this information regarding bereavement support payments in the UK and how to claim them.

How To Apply Online for Student Finance

Whether you want a student loan, maintenance loan, or maintenance grant for new or continuing students, a student finance loan provides all availabilities. Here’s how to apply in the UK.