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Can British citizens have dual citizenship?

Dual citizenship is something many individuals around the globe yearn for. However, a lack of information on how to go about applying for this procedure is a stumbling block to their success in this process. Can a British national have more than one citizenship? The answer depends on whether the country you want to get citizenship from allows it. If you’ve been considering applying for dual citizenship in the UK but you are not sure how to do it, you can find out everything you need to know to get it done here.

What Is Dual Citizenship

What Is Dual Citizenship?

Double citizenship is when a person is a citizen of two countries and simultaneously shares the rights and responsibilities of both countries. You do not have to apply for dual citizenship if you are a Briton. You only have to sign up for foreign citizenship in the country of interest. However, you must apply for dual citizenship if you seek a UK dual nationality status.

Countries that do not Recognize Dual Citizenship

Several countries do not recognize dual nationality, so you may have to check with your country’s UK embassy or consulate for more information before applying for UK citizenship. Some of these countries require their citizens to denounce their country’s citizenship if they become citizens of other countries. Other nations do not allow foreigners to become citizens unless they can trace their roots to that particular nation.

Advantages of Having a British Citizenship

If you successfully apply for British citizenship, you enjoy multiple benefits thanks to this status. Some of the most notable perks of being British include:

  • • A right to work freely in the UK without restrictions
  • • Access to full UK civil rights
  • • Free National Health Care services
  • • The right to hold a British passport
  • • The right to live in the UK permanently
  • • Unrestricted movement into and out of the UK

Who Can Apply?

While applications for this status are open to the public, you must pass an eligibility step to usher you into the application process. You can apply for dual citizenship if:

  • • After living in the UK for five years, you have an indefinite enter to remain or leave the UK or a settled status
  • • You’re married to a British citizen
  • • You are at least 18 years old
  • • There’s proof you understand English
  • • You have permanent residence
  • • You’ve kept all immigration laws during your stay in the UK
  • • You have not spent more than 450 days outside the UK during your 5-year stay in the country
  • • You've taken and passed the “Life In The UK” test

Requirements and Documentation Needed

Once you fulfill the required criteria, you can apply for the UK dual nationality. It would help if you used the application checklist to ascertain that you have everything in place. Otherwise, your application will be rejected if you do not submit all the necessary documents. The essential items you should include in your application include:

  • • A filled, signed and stamped application form
  • • Copy of your naturalization certificate
  • • Photocopy of your passport
  • • Copy of your foreign passport
  • • A duplicate of your residence permit or visa
  • • Copy of documentary proof if you changed names
  • • Any other supporting documents
  • • Proof you are eligible to apply for this status
  • • Biometrics

How To Apply

Unless you are married to a British citizen, you must have lived in the UK for at least five years before submitting your application form. The Home Department will consider applicants who had to leave the UK during the 5-year stay for health reasons or were told to leave the UK during this period, but the decision was overturned.

The Home Office accepts both u>online and mail applications for this status. If you are anything but the spouse of a British citizen, you must apply from the UK. This department accepts applications sent through an agent, so you can solicit help from one if you are not confident about doing it yourself.

What Happens After You Apply?

After you submit your application, you must book an appointment with the UK Visas and Citizenship Application Services point in your country and submit the necessary Intel.

What Will the Person Get After Approval?

If your application is successful, you will receive a citizenship certificate. You will also have to attend a citizenship ceremony in the UK.

Cost, Validity, and Processing Time

Each UK dual citizenship application costs £1330 to apply. Dual citizenship is a permanent status. You can only lose it if you choose to revoke your UK citizenship. It takes up to six months to process a dual citizenship request. However, it can take longer to complete some applications depending on varying circumstances.