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How can I obtain a Post Office Pass Card?

Proving your identity as a Briton can be expensive since you have to pay for a passport or driving licence. However, this shouldn’t be the case, and thanks to the new post office pass card, you can prove your age and identity for a few pounds. Let’s see how you can get a recognized ID for less money and in a shorter period if you’re a UK citizen.

How can I get a Post Office Pass Card?

What Is a Post Office Pass Card?

A post office pass card is the most recent addition to the UK ID system, allowing UK citizens to prove their age and nationality. This document has two versions, one available to persons above 18 years, and one for persons below 18 years. You may need a post office pass card if you do not have an official identification document such as a driving licence or passport.

Who can apply?

Anyone can get this card. It is a valid document for proving your age and nationality to the relevant individuals. However, you must apply for the appropriate version depending on your age.

What Can You Do with It?

You can use this pass for plenty of uses even though your movement may be restricted to the UK and Ireland. Here’s what you can do with this pass:

  • Ascertain your age to relevant authorities and individuals (pubs, cinemas, nightclubs, and vendors)
  • • Use it as a travel document if you’re flying within UK and Ireland
  • Apply for a digital post office EasyID for online and in-person identification
  • • Grab lucrative age-restricted discounts
  • Visit a prison
  • As identification when starting a new job

Requirements And Documentation Needed

You must provide certain details when applying for a post office pass card. The requirements include:

  • • A recent passport-sized photo
  • • Application fees
  • • A referee to verify your age
  • • Living in the UK
  • • An active post office/citizen card account
  • • Photo Id document
  • • Other necessary documents restricted to your case

Where And How to Apply

Individuals interested in applying for this pass can do so online. You need an active citizen card account to complete this process. You can effortlessly complete the verification process in minutes and apply for the pass card. Once you set up an account, click on the ‘create a new card icon’ and follow the steps to complete the application.

You can download the forms from the website if you prefer the paper application. Fill them out, attach the necessary documents and mail them to CitizenCard to complete the process.

Depending on how quickly you need the pass card, you can apply for the standard version, which takes more time to process, or the express one available in a day or two.

If you opt for the paper application, do not attach original copies of any document.

What To Do If You Lost Yours or It’s Stolen

If you lose your pass card, you do not need to apply for a new one. You can apply for a card renewal on the same website. Find the icon that reads ‘apply for replacement card’ and fill out the necessary information, then submit your request after paying the processing fees. You will receive a replacement for the old one in a few weeks.

Cost, Validity, And Processing Time

How much it costs to get your card depends on the processing time. A standard application for a first-time applicant and replacement costs £15 and £12, respectively, and takes 21 days to process. On the other hand, an express application for a first-time applicant and card replacement costs £30 and £25 respectively and take at most 24 hours to reach the applicant. You must apply for a replacement after three years since this document has a three-year shelf life.